You and me

A performance for children - the youngest aged 0-4 years

The starting point for the performance is to emphasize the importance of my own "I" in the perception of the world and at the same time to show the relationship between my "I" and other people encountered around "I". Colorful balls become a pretext for having fun together, but also to look for a relationship between seemingly contradictory emotions, they become a symbol of complement, wholeness and harmony. Actresses, trying their best to enter the world of children's sensitivity and purity of sensations that accompany children's discovering the world, propose a very simple theater - full of colors, sounds, movement and joy.


Screenplay, direction, art and music for the performance: Katarzyna Pawłowska and Lucyna Winkel

Starring: Katarzyna Pawłowska and Lucyna Winkel

Duration: approx. 30 minutes. + fun after the show

Premiere: 10-09-2010

The performance was created under the patronage of the Children's Art Center in Poznań in cooperation with a pedagogue and child psychologist.

Logo Poznan

The premiere is co-financed by the City of Poznań